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Law Enforcement, Employees, & Officers of Government
     Any man or woman irrigardless of their employment with a clean heart and good intentions are welcom to join our endeavors. We would like to have more insite from people who outside of their private lives, serve as a Federal or State officer's of trust, including  judges, politicians, clerks of courts, ceo's, etc. Our position against corruption and slavery is something that we all need to enjoin our  efforts.  We need our fellow Men in uniform who are leaders (not followers) to do some research, help us find solutions to these problems.

Agreement is a private Trust Organization. By creating an account, you agree to hold the Trust, trustee, and members  harmless for any info sent, received, downloaded, discussed, received, and read. We do not give advice. No Trustee or member, or registered user shall be liable for any damages, either directly or indirectly arising from the use of the information or service provided by Trust, including the website, and our organization.  Everything beyond this point is construed to be confidential information, and is intended solely for the account holders and members who create accounts by there own free will. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

All people visiting agree that they are doing so in thier private capacity. 

By: Moore - El, Sylvester in Trust with certain members  d/b/a

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